African Wild Dog - Links

Organisations featured on this site:

General Wild Dog Information sites:

Environmental and Educational Sites:

  • Defenders of Wildlife - dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities
  • Kids Planet - educational material and hands-on instructive material for kids and teachers

Environmental or Wildlife Holidays

Ethical & Environmental

  • The Scythe Shop - Simon Fairlie's UK site supplying classic lightweight scythes with Austrain blades. Quicker, cleaner, better and quieter than a strimmer or 'weed whacker'.
  • Scythe Connection (canada) - videos showing how an 'Austrain' scythe can be used quickly and effectively. Must be seen to be believed. Site is a manifesto for using efficient hand tools instead of polluting engine-driven ones.
  • Dark Sky Lighting - reviews of power-saving outdoor lighting for responsible home owners and small buisnesses. Helping you choose the best and most efficient for safely lighting your property.
  • G-wizz - Lightweight battery-powered electric vehicles designed for efficient and non-polluting travel in urban areas. Carry on driving, but do it cleanly and safely.
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